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The furniture, seating and accessories you find on www.modernaria.com are unique pieces carefully selected to offer you modern antiques and vintage quality. We think about the hospitality of your home, office or business.

We look for icons of Italian design for our customers, but also northern European productions that have marked the taste, history, and culture of the 1900’s. The period in which we focus our attention spans between 1920 and 1980. We think that décor is something exciting, that in addition to its natural function, must also be refreshing to look at and make you feel happy in your space.

You can combine our pieces with the contemporary décor of your home to give it character and customize your space, or you may have in mind a décor style. The important thing is to enjoy!

“What you think you become, what you feel attracts, what you imagine you create.”


Salve, Come possiamo aiutarti?
Salve, Come possiamo aiutarti?