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Sideboard Mascagni Umberto, 1950s

Umberto Mascagni’s Credenza Bar produced by Mascagni Bologna, 1950s. The company Mascagni was born as a frame manufacturer after the war. He later invented a new system for making home and office furniture using relatively new materials for the sector such as: wood particle panels (Novopan), smeared fabrics and even plastic leaf (p.v.c.) as well as anodically treated aluminum. The piece on display here is an example of this. The company Mascagni is still active and produces office furniture in Bologna where everything began.

DESIGNER Umberto Mascagni

PRODUCER Mascagni Bologna


CONDITION Impeccable

MATERIAL AND COLOR Painted glass, skai, metal, black, blue, gold and white

WIDTH 156 cm

DEPTH 50 cm

HEIGHT 99 cm