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Do you want to make room for something new, empty expensive containers or just enjoy a cash gain on furniture you no longer need? MODERNARIA only accepts high quality and lovingly maintained pieces. Above all, our customers are looking for your furniture.

What makes us unique is that we offer an alternative to buying copies and reproductions given our interest in original design. Policies and prices are clear and easily accessible.


How it works

Step 1: Complete and submit the form below or send an email to info@modernaria.com with a photo and a brief description of what you want to sell. Be sure to include the size of the object. If available, please include the brand, year of purchase and a brief condition description. Within 48 hours you will be notified if MODERNARIA is interested.

Step 2: If it is a good match for us, and you are in the Florence area, one of our curators will come to you to see the object in person and assess the condition of the piece and take some preliminary photographs.

Step 3: We determine a sale price. Prices are based on the current value of an item, the condition of your item, and the current market.

Step 4: MODERNARIA will send you a contract reflecting the agreed selling price.


Contract Terms

Items must be on consignment with MODERNARIA for 120 days from the effective date of the contract, with continuous routine reductions taking place during the period.

After 30 days, the initial price is reduced by 10%, with an additional 10% reduction each month thereafter.

When the piece is sold the customer will receive 50% of the final sale price, unless other arrangements have been made.

If you wish to claim your item(s) before the contract period expires, you will be charged an early termination fee of 10% of the initial selling price.

Unsold items must be picked up within 7 days of the contract expiration date.

Unsold items must be picked up during our regularly scheduled working hours. Please call or email to make an appointment.


Sales Rights

MODERNARIA requires exclusive sales rights for any item that is stored by MODERNARIA.

Upon request an English version of our contract is available.

To view our contract

    Salve, Come possiamo aiutarti?
    Salve, Come possiamo aiutarti?